Looking for a Fei Long teacher

Hi all,

I started playing SSFIV back in 2010, and I mained Chun-Li for a few years. I was an online player, and I averaged around 2500-3000PP and about 10,000BP. I stopped playing in 2013, and I just started getting back into the game. I picked up Fei Long, and I’ve been practicing with him and getting better by the day. I feel like I could improve a lot more if I had a teacher, though, so that’s why I’m making this thread.

I’m looking for an experienced Fei Long player (preferably at least 3000PP if you’re an online player, and offline experience is definitely a bonus) who would be willing to have maybe one or two training sessions a week with me. I’m not necessarily looking for a sparring partner, just somebody who can give me tips on how to improve, answer any questions I may have, and just give general advice for how to play Fei Long. So don’t accept thinking this is going to be an Endless Battle session where you test out all your alts on me while I’m trying to learn. Lol.

There are a couple requirements:

  1. Has to be Xbox 360 version.
  2. Must be able to voice chat with either Steam or Skype (I don’t have a 360 mic and don’t want to buy one).
  3. I’m all for taking advice or criticism in order to improve, but don’t be a dick about it.

If you want to help, either drop your XBL tag here or add me. My gamertag is jthamind1.