Looking for a few SSF IV AE PC mods

Is there any mods that allow you to change the character names to Japanese, like have M.Bison as Vega, Vega as Balrog and Akuma as Gouki.

Second I remember hearing an alturnate version of the character select theme on a a stream from an AE cab. Same tune is played during the 3DS versions street pass battles
can be heared here.

I was wondering was there any mods that can swap that theme around? I went looking through the music files in the game but coudln’t find it. Instead I found two other remixes of it that where pretty good but I wasn’t able to add them in.

Also just been playing around with the boss mod that allows yout play as Shin versions of Gouken, Evil Ryu, Akuma and Oni.

Just wondering is there an AI version of Seth as well?

you mean like a boss version of seth? he is technically different, but most of his discrepancies are minor - the most important thing is that he doesn’t take nearly as much damage, and does way more…as far as i know, error0001 hasn’t figured out how to change vital/damage numbers, just switch in moves and such…then again, gouken’s shin shoryuken does way more as a boss character, but for all i know, it’s an entirely different move according to the data.