Looking for a fight stick

I’m fairly new to fighting games, but I love them and would love to improve my experience.
(Skullgirls is the best)

I really don’t know where to look for them though. I was thinking about Foe Hammer, but the end product ends up being $300-$450, and that’s a bit over what I’m looking to spend; trying to aim for $200.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I heard the Soul Calibur 5 Stick from Hori is pretty good and its normal price is 150$ ,
but there’s a coupon code you can use that is still going on to make it 100$.
PS3 SoulCalibur V Arcade Stick - HORI12E301
360 SoulCalibur V Arcade Stick - HORI12E302


Don’t discuss this here. Read this and make decisions for yourself based on your needs and budget. Also, try before you buy if possible.

I have a modded SE stick, looks pretty cool… msg me if your intrested

-wrong forum
-“fight stick”