Looking for a Garou MOTW Sprite, help!

I’ve been browsing around a lot of different sprite sites, as I’m desperately looking for a bit of the intro, specificly, when Terry grabs Geese’s arm, and Geese falls off the edge.

Anyone know where or how I can get that?

I know you’ve been search for someone who…
Satisfies you…
And gives you…


It’s either that or the VG Musuem. They’ve got ending so they must have intros.

You can also rip off of the ROM version of the game for Neo Geo.

Well, I’ve already been to emu gif animation a few days ago, they don’t have it.

How would I rip the ROM? I have a MOTW rom, I play it on MAME.

You don’t play ROMs in MUGEN.

Sorry, I meant MAME.

Try NeoRageX instead. Then take screens of it.