Looking for a Gen coach

hillo all, I main Guy, but have been soul searching for another character for a long time now and ive come to the conclusion that its between Gen and Viper. i was just wondering if someone would be willing to work with me in getting the fundamentals of Gen down, you dont have to be a spectacular player, as long as you can show me the basics of Gen. im a pretty fast learner as ive been playing fighters all my life. i would greatly appreciate it, my XBL tag is: This Is K1

thank you !


Would you mind adding me as well? I need a good Gen coach as well. :slight_smile:

add you in the morning. Going to bed. CHeers

wow, i really appreciate it messiah, ive been watching a lot of your vids and im a big fan of your Gen, couldnt ask for a better coach outside of maybe Jibbo / asiantom lol

Hey, I’m going to add you on XBL as well.
Both of you guys if you want some Gen training.

I’ve been watching Messiah’s videos.
He’s really good, but I play Gen differently.
And as a Gen player, I think it’s valuable to know different styles of play.


We can do mirrors if you guys want, or you can use another character against me to learn match-ups and see how I play depending on my opponent’s character. I change up my style a lot, so, i’ll definitely add you guys.

Thanks Guys, both of you. I’m really trying to make my Gen more 3 Dimensional. Make him less predicable. I need to work on my footsies and practice hitting Mantis c.Fierce, I have problems with that one. DanteValmont is awesome at it. What makes me feel good is he really likes my Gen and to me that’s a huge compliment. Coming from a 12K Gen player.

!?!?!?!?!?! -Blushes- Honestly, I still need to work on my Gen too, and I can learn a lot from you too, Messiah (Like the other day when you showed me that the Crane Crouching MK could dodge projectiles.) The biggest thing I’m at a loss at, is not being able to do the MK to Hands. I tried to convert to the Stick so I can execute it, but I decided not to. I’m just happier using the Xbox Controller, and I like the Handheld appeal, lol.

ya but your style works well for you man. You have amazing AA’s I still can’t get them off fast like you do. I’m working hard, but I still have problems with Mantis c.Fierce. I’m judging the spacing wrong I believe. We still need to get some of your matches recorded. and anyones you’d like me to analyze I’d love to watch them and give ya tips or maybe point out things here and there.

Messiah add me 2 son… I need to step my gen upto the next level…

would be glad if you could add me as well. must get better…

Add Kahmos for an interesting gen style, but I dont like online play much, minimal lag = missed links

werd, I’ll add you guys after breakfast.

Sup guys i’m new to the gen scene, i’m no noob so im learning fast. Gen really has my attention atm. I main Rufus/Rose/Dhalsim, but i never thought gen would be so much fun. I see messiah is the man to go to. I’ve watched ur vids and i’m likin what i see. Add me up Borza2. =p

I added you. But I’m not the only man to go to. There are a bunch of good Gens and different styles that you could learn from.

Well you and 5 others are pretty much the only ones that actually main Gen, and you’re the only one that has vids of himself playing. I am surprised by the new wave of players interested in Gen, probably for casual play I assume. Also Kahmos, if you have a 4 bar connection there usually isn’t much lag and if you know how to plink your combos it will increase your chances of hitting it alot. You should even be able to hit 1-frame links with some plinking practice (assuming 3-4 bar connection).

online is only in disadvatange in terms of throw tech and punish time. [small but sometimes noticable]. opposing common opinion it does NOT matter in combos [since every input is delayed - the time between them is still in sync].
ofc i only speak of games with no visual lag (3-4 bars most likely, but even 2 can be okay as 4 can be bad - had every case).

i’m getting upset about the tech throw in particular. but that get enhanced due to crouch tech - which is the most stupid thing capcom ever could create. i’d take another bunch of nerfs if they just remove that crap.

I have- infact been trying to apply plinking, but I theorized that bad habits come with overused characters, so, I am going to try to learn plinking with a character that may rely on plinking to land long links…

But who?

I tried Ryu but instead learned 2 in 1’s, lololol

Wish I could somehow post my video’s. I feel like that would be the best way to show my idea of how Gen is played. :confused:
Someday maybe.

You could ask someone with a capture card, show them your replays so they can record them.

And Kahmos, Ryu is good choice to learn some plinking actually imo, stuff like c.lp c.lp c.hp mk tatsu is helpful to learn to plink.