Looking for a Gen-tor (Xbox Live)

Hey All,

I love SF4 (And Street Fighter/Fighting games in general). My mains are Blanka/Balrog but i’m a bit bored with them and I really want to put the time into learning Gen. Unfortunately reading the forums, watching videos and such isn’t really helping me.

Would anyone be willing to add me on Live and spar/teach me a bit? I’m not looking to be amazing with him, just competitive so I don’t embarrass myself at tournies and when playing with friends. (Before the question comes up, I suck with pianoing)

Gamertag is the same as my tag here. I’m in NY so on an east coast timezone, usually playing at night around 7:00ish.

Thanks in advance, please don’t flame the gen noob :stuck_out_tongue:


I can spar with you if you want.

I’m not on tom/yeb/jibbo level but I am decent I guess


Thanks man, no matter what, you’re better then me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll add you to my FL and anyone else who’s open to teaching/giving tips.

Add me too, my sn is: Endevour4reel

I’d love some people to spar with, I need to learn mk to hands

Im always up for a game or so. GT same as name here. feel free to add me on aim or msn also if u got it. easier to talk that way and help out.