Looking for a Gief to fight

Here’s the deal, I feel free to almost every Gief. The plan is for YOU to kick my ass in every way possible. I don’t really mind how you play, mad aggressive, insane patience… w/e floats your boat. I just want to try to get this MU down. I really don’t get to fight Gief, so when I do run into one I really almost have no idea what to do.

I live in the midwest, central time zone. I can play whenever usually. Maybe later tonight til the AM, whenever works for me. Just post here or throw me a PM for when you’re good to go so we can get some matches in. Maybe after the matches you can help point out what I’m doing wrong?

I play Claw on XBL, and prefer ATLEAST yellow bars. Laggy matches don’t really help either of us. Any skill level is fine, I’m just your average SF4 player.

Also, if you’re just going to add me anyways on XBL, throw me a msg saying you’re from the Gief forums on SRK so I don’t get confused.

Thanks guys.

I only play on weekends for the most part… But I’ll add you from my brothers account when i get home. I play gief obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Gracias. :slight_smile:

Hit me up im in chicago so you should have green bars. Did you lose to a Gief at that tourney this weekend saw you got 5th so good shit. I’m as good as the top gief in that tourney if that was the Jeremy from chicago so if you want practice let me know. You would think you would want to play bisons with how big marcus beat up on you milwaukee peeps.

I’d be up for practicing. Know thy enemy, after all. :wink: I know I have to work on this matchup, so it’d be good for both of us. If you’re who I think you are, we got real close with that tournament, and we both had important screwups along the way.

That was on my to-do list after Gief. I didn’t fight Marcus, tho. Given my history vs Bison, I don’t think it would have gone so well with me anyway.

I am he, but shit… some things have come up and my priorities have shifted a little. Not sure when we can do some games comfortably. Haven’t played since Track’s. =\

hey kinda forgot about this… just got XBL at my apartment so i can play through the week. Add agcalonico and invite me to a game whenever.

Also looking for a Giefs to practice against

Rather than create a brand new topic - hopefully I can ask around for some Gief’s to practice against here as well. I’m in California and main Bison. I just went out to my first tournament this past weekend and did much better than I had expected. Got killed by Zangief though and am looking to get some training in against players who main Zangief. I also use a little Blanka as a 2nd but hopefully I can level up my Bison.

Xbox 360 GT - KRS