Looking For A Gief

Ibuki main looking for a solid Gief to play on psn. Hate the MU and want to learn it.

I’d recommend others posting in here if they want to spar with Giefs.

Lets Level Up!

PSN: Kaged_Rage

Time Available: Weekend+Anytime/Weekdays = 11:00pm - 4:00pm

Note: I’m an OK Gief, SSF4 is my first competitive fighter and I’m learning the match-ups as well so I’m not perfect. Yet while I’m not perfect, you are not walking over me either. lol If you can meet some of my times, we can game sometime. I have classes Mon-Thurs ranging from 5 to 9.

Sounds good.

Sorry about the delay bro, Calculus and Physics keep me off the PS3. I’ll try to be on 7 - 9 tomorrow, if you can make that.

Add me as well, I am on M-th usually afternoons 2-5pm. Friday @ night and I do not play on the weekends.

add me if u want too. i also want to learn this matchup more. i’ve run into some extremely annoying ibukis that just pissed me off with thier lameness.

yo jump, too bad your on psn bc i play on live, but live right here in brsnford- maybe dome offline sometime? im decent

Tell me about it! Im a patient player but she seems to be the only player in the game that can frustrate me with that weak Kunai jump back once they have the shortest life lead. I can deal with turtles but that is faaar beyond turtleing, more like … birding… or something.

You mean more setting up a nest. Ibuki jump back knife then slides away. I wish Gief could slap that ish away.

Whoever wants to play me, just request me on psn and say you’re from SRK. lol.

Sorry Dont Jump im gonna hijack your thread

Anyone here from Europe or preferably the UK
Im in desperate need for learning this matchup.

My PSN is mairuzuW

I am looking to add some Gief players to my FL on XBL if you please. I play an average Bison and below average Sim. If possible people with mics that dont mind talking about the match up in detail. My XBL: “Daman1009” Thanks in advance.

handle007 on PS3, i play ibuki, 5k and gief 7k add me and hit me up!

Looking for some good Gief players to learn this stupidly hard MU with Balrog. I play on XBL, plz add me “ContainedChaoz”

I’m not a great Sim, and I know you want ot fight it out, but abuse medium attacks and b.rh. don’t commit to the air either, it lets Gief gain ground…stand your ground as long as possible. Sim vs Hawk is lulz though…that was FUN last night haha.

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