Looking for a good arcade stick for the 360

I’ve been looking for a good stick, but can’t seem to find a good one. Kind of new to this and don’t know which ones are good or not. Can anyone suggest a good one for a beginner thats in stock?

That’s a great thread that should really guide you through the process! :slight_smile:

Good luck.

The best fighting stick you ever need is right here. I recommend Qanba 3in1 above all other sticks! But of course its your choice :slight_smile:

Send a message to thread maker

to buy his fighting stick. Dont expect llx8000 to reply to your conversations right away. He is a busy man and gets alot of post request each day but wait 3-4 days and he will answer your conversations.

I have 5 fighting sticks. 1 xbox 360 Tournament edition stick, and 2 black tournament edition for playstation 3. And never heard of qanba before so! So I also bought 2 Qanba Stick. I regretted that I havent bought the Qanba stick a bit earlier because the Qanba stick is so awsome! It works for xbox360/ps3/computer!

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