Looking for a good, cheap combination router/dsl modem

I’m currently using a Westell Versalink that’s been my best friend for a year and a half since I found it in the bushes near where i go running on the weekend. I found it just in time, too, since my Westell wirespeed’s adaptor died that morning, leaving my Linksys router useless, since it needs a modem to connect to. The Versalink I found handles both of those jonbs nicely on it’s own without having to take up an extra plug for a second adaptor. I would like to buy a new combination router/modem, but I see a lot of dissatisfaction with the Versalink (Odd…works fine for me), and was wondering if you guys had any better suggestions. I forward ports for a couple things (ps3, bittorrent), so the ability to do that without a lot of url gymnastics is a MUST. Also, if nobody has any better (and affordable…around 60 or so bucks) options, where can I buy a brand-new, still in package Versalink? All I can find are used units online.