Looking For a Good Controller For Xbox?

Well look no more! The perfect adapter is here!


It let’s you use your PS1/2, Dreamcast, and most importantly, you Saturn pads on the XBox.

It even has a communicator port built in for Xbox Live.


Yes I know it has been out for a while but I just now discovered it had that port which made it a must buy for me, now the SF pads go back in their box and the Saturn pad gets the much needed attention it deserves :smiley:

Well… I guess i have an older version of this or something as the headset does not fit in the slot at top for me.

the magicbox port is for memory cards, not the communicator. people have even made an opening to allow the communicator in and xbox live doesnt detect it.

Yes I see that now, some guy on play-asia left feedback saying it did support the port but it doesn’t… ohh well, Saturn pad still owns all!