Looking for a good EU Ryu

Looking to learn this matchup a bit more in depth against a good Ryu. Can a Ryu player or two on this board from the EU (I’m in the UK) add me on XBL?


Thanks in advance.

Look around

Yo bro. I been playing ryu since Vanilla and am from the UK too! add me if you wish jpb312
am on most nights and willing to play a long season!

I’m from UK. I’m on 10k BP and 3k PP. My xbl tag is rashed786.

From UK, Ryu since Vanilla, XBL Paters0n

Although I can’t promise you’d consider me good enough. Hail Mary Ultras and mashed SRKs are my bread and butter these days

lol rashed just met you online. nice one for adding, look forward to some non-lag rounds soon. my housemates love their torrent shit :frowning:

aahhh so it was you who I played online last night, lol! It was waaaaaay too laggy, I think we had a one red bar connection. It was as if the fight was taking place in the ocean as it was just waaaay too slow.

Yeh mate, had been enjoying myself with a good connection, and suddenly my bandwidth is drained by 5 knuckle-shufflers. Next time should be crisp. I remember seeing your name and thinking, ah hah, I recognise him. Shame anyway, till next time.

Rashed - nice one for the rounds last night. very good ryu, look forward to more!

thx. I enjoyed the fights also. I had to go otherwise would have continued for a lot longer. Your ryu is strong. I’ll fight request you when I’m online. The ryu mirror match is probably my favourite matchup.

I’m a big fan of it too. I think once its distilled down (i.e. after the first couple of rounds feeling out opponent play style) its a really nice player vs player match up.

I think you caved my face in 8 games to 4 or something, including two perfect rounds :(, but that demonstrates one of things I really like about the match up: once you get that momentum up with ryu, even though his mix up options might not be as great as some characters, you can really lay down some big damage quickly with a couple of 50-50s off untechable knock downs. It therefore really pays not to lose footsies at the start of the round which is cool. of course the pressure game versus 3 frame dps is somewhat reliant on the opponent knowing you can hit the ‘meaty anti auto correct cross up’ if you want to, otherwise its a little tougher to convert knock downs in my opinion

look forward to next time. peace

I wouldn’t really class myself as “good” but feel free to add me. XBL: Distorted84. I am in the UK.

Hello everybody!
Fell free to add me too. Thanks.
XBL: Met5u Hadouken