Looking for a good rog to practice against



I main rose and I have alot of trouble with this fight, if anyone is willing to do a few sessions with me it would be greatly appreciated.

gamertag=Iamthecory434 add me


Random sidenote, you should inform people of what platform you play on (Xbox / PS / PC) :wink:

I doubt it’s PC as nobody ever comes looking for fights on ancient SF4 Vanilla PC :arazz:


good point I play on xb360. thanks.


Add me… I’ll go on today for some matches.


Its obvious he plays on 360 because he used the term “gamertag”

If that wasn’t enough to give it away it also says what platform he plays on under his avatar… Just a side-note…


The under-avatar note is something people can add themselves, not an automatic thing, and I bet there are people out there who have old tags under their names yet may have swapped platforms. I could put in an XBox Gamertag but not even play it. In addition I can’t even add I’m a PC player :wink: There’s no harm in confirming it.

Second, pretty much anyone I know who plays SF4 use the term ‘gamertag’, even me despite, again, being a PC player.

Not everyone is in the know and I wasn’t being sarcastic or nasty, I simply said there’s no harm just posting exactly what you play on to confirm it for whoever is interested :tup:


play me.


Thanks for the replies, I’ll be on tomorrow and the rest of the week so I’ll be sure to add you guys. I definitely appreciate it.


Add me as well. It’ll be great for both of us because I really struggle against Rose players.


I sent you a message, add me and we’ll play later. If you want I can cap our matches and put them on youtube.
We can put then in the Balrog section and get people to critique us. maybe we can make something epic happen, lol.

Add me OP.


Hey je83 I’ll play you… Kr21 stylez