Looking for a good Sagat player to wipe the floor with me (I play balrog)

I’m looking to play against a good sagat. I mean the kind that can wipe the floor with me.

The main reason is because he is the one matchup that a really good one will always destroy me. The thing is, I don’t really play any good ones though except randomly in champ mode. But now that I got to SG I’m mainly playing player matches now and finding good random players is nearly impossible. I want to be able to continously play a good one so I can try and find holes to get in on him.

So if you play a pretty solid sagat and want to play a pretty solid rog, please send me a friend request on XBL or PSN. I play on XBL mainly, but if you only have PS3 just let me know and I will turn it on and look for you on there sometimes.

BTW I’m on east coast in MD, so probably people on west coast will have a shitty connection with me.


Add me on PSN, I like fighting Rogs. He is a good rival for my GAT. I’m not the best but I am capable of beating some really good rogs. I pretty much know the matchup already. Invite me whenever I am on.

PSN - Paree4g63t

sent you a message on xbl

u can add me, i looking to learn this match-up little bit more

ggs the other day Foleyeffect (ShinLad) we should play some more.

Big[Nasty] if I remember when I get home tonight, I will add you to my list.

play me purbeast on ps3. you remember me ? :smile:

its been about a year since we’ve played. i wanna see where you’re at now! i play a little sagat now too

i friended you purbeast but you havent responded to it yet :frowning: