Looking For A Graphic Designer


I am looking for a graphic designer that can make me a custom Twitter background. I do not have Pay Pal, but I can pay in Microsoft/PSN codes. Please message me and we can discuss things from there. Thank you!

UPDATE: After realizing my noob mistake, I made a Pay Pal account. I’m so sorry! I didn’t even realize how rude I sounded. People deserve to be paid in real money and not dumb codes. I sincerely apologize to anyone that I offended! (Please excuse my scrub mistakes.)

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Lmfaooo gtfo get a PayPal


It seems pretty risky. Not too long ago I read about some accounts being hacked and Pay Pal refusing to refund the people their money.


If you don’t have paypal then find an alternative that is actual money, jeez


Lol pay in codes wtf?


Tyrone will do it for wii U nintendo money

B-Tier Bison will do it for Bison dollars

Also look here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/image-mishmash

But I don’t know any more on commissions and how that works, like the trading outlet is for purchases and what’s allowed in that section.


Thank you, bro!


lmfao. i can tell you people who have their sony shit hacked…cant tell you 1 person whos paypal got hacked. also you ever heard of a fuckin money order?


I’ll do it if you post sufficient amount of asian women.





Shut the fuck up.


Reminds me of this one kid I went to school with. He would tell other kids they could make money if they helped him cut grass at peoples houses. Then after all was said and done, he wouldnt give them actual money. He would just have them follow him to Wendy’s and then he would buy a shit ton of nuggets.

That was how he paid them. In chicken nuggets.


That actually made me laugh really hard. Lol.


Fuck you and fuck twitter you worthless piece of shit.

I hope you and your entire lineage contract ebolaids.


I hope your Twitter banner gets you lots of poon


Did anyone take you up on this?


This is one of the reasons why Graphic Designers or Artists can’t take their clients seriously b/c their clients won’t take them seriously.

You’re better off hiring a 4 year old that messes around in MS paint.