Looking for a Guy Mentor on PC

My GFWL ID is FalsumVeri, same as my username here. I’m pretty decent with Guy at the moment but I feel like I’m lacking something. I know his basic moves and combos, but I don’t really know how to string things together. Thanks in advance for any help.

I can help you out if you want, I’m Farbeyondeath on xbl and gfwl. I’ll try and add you asap

I’ve got some hefty assignments this weekend, but if I can find time to play I’ll look you up.

I’d really like some help too, i’m a beginner Guy player, i lack ‘ideas’ of what to do, i seem to follow the same set of moves all the time. I also need help playing against Ibuki, damn neckbreakers

my gamertag name is stykerwolf, same as my username.

i main guy myself so feel free to ask.
GT: waywardstrider
i also play as ibuki/e.ryu/yun/yang/sakura if your after match up experience