Looking for a Japanese style Metal Hero movie

Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve the name of a Japanese (or US?! …or both?) Metal Hero fighting plastic monsters movie (such as Gavan or Shaider) released in the 80s.

I think it was a 90min film, but it might as well be TV series put together.
I don’t remember if it was a robot, or a human transforming or wearing an armor…
I think it was a Robot / Cyborg, but not sure.

Here is what I remember of it:

  1. His Armor was red, looked a bit like an insect with big green eyes and antennas. He was wearing Silver boots.
  2. It was a bit violent… with people actually dying and stuff.
  3. the movie starts in a laboratory where scientists are actually designing the armor of the hero or the robot / cyborg. The place is attacked by a huge tentacle monster.
    The tentacle monster catches scientists and fries them on the walls (like the walls are electrified of something).
  4. One of the battles takes place underground, and fire and lava is involved. I remember the main guy wearing the armor trying to climb back up a burning well, and the armor is barely resisting the heat. He gets out of it, but he is heavily damaged.
  5. It’s not Kamen Rider!

It’s not:

  • Shalivan
  • Spielvan
  • Gavan
  • Shaider
  • Ultraman
  • Kamen Rider
  • The duo-tone guy… Kikaider?
  • Cassern

I rented the video tape and watched it when I was 7 years old, so around 1985.
The tape was dubbed in French, so it’s not something that released in Japan only.

I know there are lots of guys from my generation on SRK so I thought maybe someone could help.


Found it… That was it:


(In case somebody cares… which I seriously doubt…)

I was curious.

Any good? Pretty much all those type of series have MAD casualties, lol…so awesome

I loved it as a kid… but I am not sure now… ^^
I will watch it again tonight.

For info, it’s from Hong-Kong actually and Starring Dany lee.