Looking for a joystick that can do the following

I need a joystick with the same throw and engage distane on: up, down, left, right. but not the corners which obviously need a slightly wider throw. I’ve used all sanwa, seimitsu and euro suzo sticks and only once in my life have i used a stick that works this way and I have no idea what it was.

You mean like an octo-gate Seimitsu LS-55/56?

funnily enough i actually own a 56 and 55 with the octo-gate but I dont currently own a stick to test it with.
I do recall using it for a brief period without the octo-gate in my “arcade in a box” (before the damn thing blew up). it felt great but the throw and engage were not at the same distance. It definitely felt better than any other modern stick i’ve used even in something as rubbish as an AIAB with happ buttons.
When I get my Hrap3 or TE stick, I’ll let you know how good it is.

The stick I mentioned before with the engage and throw at the same distance was a “god tier” stick. I know for a fact that it was an old school SUZO, but it was modded in such a way that made it perfect. Its the only arcade stick i’ve ever used that felt quicker than tapping a pad.

It might have been a Suzo inductive. I’ve only heard about it. I think it used a magnet sensor or something.

nah… i own 2 suzo inductives they’re not really ideal for fighters but they work wonders shmups.

You mean the sanwa flash/optical stick?

Another way to go would be to get an analog or 49 way stick, and do direction mapping.