Looking for a Kathrim previous post! Help needed!

Im looking for the thread that Kathrim made explaining how to put leds into the arcade stick and also the one where he says he can do it for us for a certain price if we ship the things to him.

Anyway know the address ?

The search bar is disabled in the forum for some reason… :frowning:

Do you mean Kaytrim, mayhaps?

search may be gone but stickies arn’t


heres his post on it

i couldnt find kaytrims premade boards but you can probably shoot him an email

heres a link to the new board someone made to support having the lights always on and always off (i think) http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=6146157#post6146157

I’m pretty sure he has some nice premade maple cases right now, too…