Looking for a Ken mentor


Anyone out there to up to frequently answer some noob questions so I dont have to make a forum topic for every question? Would appreciate it alot, could keep contact via messages on srk or steam.

Appreciate it guys, take care.




hasn’t stopped you from making several threads about your naivety though.

Slow down, Trials are a good tool to start practicing your combos with. Play online as much as you can, you’ll get the hang of things easily with persistence.



Thanks for your input. Still looking for a mentor if anyone is out there



SO you were not sincere when you said you did NOT want to set a bunch of threads with random questions. Good to know.

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Thanks for your reply yet again, very helpful. Have a nice day



You’re very welcome, don’t mistake my graciousness for leniency. Think before making up more threads of the same manner. Just need one for your situation.



Hi again, im sorry you feel bothered by me reaching out for help. My threads arent the same though. Thank you for your helpful posts yet again.



Who are you kidding? Yes they are, more or less they are all about your naivety with SF (V) and Ken, 3 of them in the same section even. Since you are being stubborn, let’s do a recap!

Looking for a Ken mentor
Looking for a decent Ken player to mentor me
How does your practice routine look like overall?
How do you start learning combos for your character?
How do I know which combos will/wont work in “outdated” trials?

Are you telling me you couldn’t possibly ask all those questions in one thread titled accordingly? The mere fact that you do not seem to think what you are doing is ridiculous begs to question your ability to learn.

Organize your train of thought, be patient and stop spamming.



Hi and thanks again for the warm welcome to the SRK forums. Questions like "looking for a ken mentor and how does your practice routine look like doesnt really fit in the same post now does it? How about you trying to help me in the right direction as a newcomer to the forums rather than pushing me down and being very very inpolite. You are not creating a good face for the srk forums. I hope you have a great day and may all your ranked games be wins.



Yes it does, obviously you want to learn about Ken combos anyway so why have different threads, and if so, that makes 2 threads, not 6.

I’m trying to help you here, as it is no one is going to take you seriously acting so clueless. Just 'cause I’m not holding your hand doesn’t make it frivolous, focus and take the advice I’ve given you.



Hi again,

  1. Looking for a decent Ken mentor (newbie forum)
  2. Looking for a Ken mentor (Ken forum) this was after i got pmed that i should try posting in the Ken section of the forum. Unlike you, someone actually tried to help me and I took his advice.
  3. How do you start learning combos for your CHARACTER, also in a newbie forum, pretty wide question.
  4. How does your practice routine look like?

I dont see what your problem is buddy, they are all legit questions and threads within the right sections of the forum except my first thread wich I got help with.

Maybe you should start putting your time into something better no? Instead of clamping down newcoming friendly player to both the SF and Fighting game community.

Have a nice day



Nah, obviously this is my life right here making sure things stay put and you’re totally right, all those threads couldn’t possibly have anything in common. My bad for coming in and giving you advice without holding you by the hand and accommodating to your needy behavior.

I’m sure you’ll do well here since you are such an asset, thank you for coming in!



No worries bud I forgive you, just think about how you welcome new people to the forums, you didnt do very well with me. Now lets drop this, I hope you have nice weekend!



wooosh…oblivious much?

Oh, you think I didn’t welcome you well enough…I thought I did great, gave you all the advice you needed, obviously you don’t know it yet, maybe you never will.

Sound logic isn’t your thing, chances are you’ll be gone in a couple weeks.

I hope you have a great weekend too!



Hi again, whatever you say brother lets drop this and have a nice sunday. Btw do you main Ken? Wouldnt be funny if you actually became my mentor?



I couldn’t do it man. I’m all for teaching but I feel it would be a miss on you, however Ken isn’t my main in SFV, Urien is but I don’t play SFV enough to warrant mentorship.

If you were more focused and quit shooting in all directions, someone will take you seriously.

I’ll drop this if you keep it tight!~