Looking for a Ken mentor


Anyone out there to up to frequently answer some noob questions so I dont have to make a forum topic for every question? Would appreciate it alot, could keep contact via messages on srk or steam.

Appreciate it guys, take care.



hasn’t stopped you from making several threads about your naivety though.

Slow down, Trials are a good tool to start practicing your combos with. Play online as much as you can, you’ll get the hang of things easily with persistence.


Thanks for your input. Still looking for a mentor if anyone is out there


SO you were not sincere when you said you did NOT want to set a bunch of threads with random questions. Good to know.


Thanks for your reply yet again, very helpful. Have a nice day


You’re very welcome, don’t mistake my graciousness for leniency. Think before making up more threads of the same manner. Just need one for your situation.


Hi again, im sorry you feel bothered by me reaching out for help. My threads arent the same though. Thank you for your helpful posts yet again.