Looking for a keylogger to catch the commands ingame

Im looking for a program able to catch all the imputs of a player while hes playing. The reason is simple, some guys are trying to host a st tournament online (ggpo), but they are having problems with few players that are using autofire. So they need a program that every player will install on his pc, in order to catch all his commands during the match.

I found the “actualspy”, but it only catch keyboards keys, and dont catch exact time that every key got pressed. It may help to deal with the people that use programs to perform the autofire, like joy2pad, where when the player push a button, a kb key will be activated. But wont help against people with autofired controllers.

So any suggestion?

So, in order to enter the tournament, you’re going to force people to install what is basically a virus? Yeah, good luck with that

Sounds more like someone wants someone elses GGPO account information.

u guys could at least to waste 20 secs in google b4 to talk about it. that program isnt like those crackers keyloggers, and have NOTHING to do with ggpo. I want a program that catch the imputs the pc is receiving from the controller, it should catch them even if you are playing alone on fba. Have nothing to do with ggpo…

You’re gonna have a hard time convincing people either way.

Dude, no.

NO. I’m not even going to get into the legalities of what you’re asking the SRK forum to do for you.


ya its rly laffable tryin to get someone to install a keylogger on ther pc jus for gaming purposes lol

I’m going to LOL with everyone else on this. LOL!

But you just said there trying to host a St Fighter tournamnet GGPO. Strange how it would have nothing to do with GGPO, when … oh nevermind


If you can’t force everyone to NOT use turbo, just allow it.

Hell, even the TE sticks come with turbo… deal.

Who would enter a tournament with the rules being you have to install a key logger? Seriously…


lol u guys have no idea on what a keylogger is. Most of the decent online tournaments of StarCraft do require that the players run some programs that are basically a imput recorder. But them i come here and changes the word to keylogger, and u guys get mad. btw, the keylogger i have just posted and i bet noone even googled about, is completly controled by the pc owner, and not manipuled by someone from the distance. The player starts the program, play the games, then stop the recording, get an .txt in the programs folder and send it to the tourney admin manually.

then have your tournament run the keylogger …but I dont mind auto fire for GGPO…what if your opponents has a “gaming keyboard”? like a G15 …where they could program Macros( or essentially Combos or even moves) … A keylogger would never be able to tell…because you can make macros with timers…

seriously… who cares.

I not a fan of this concept either, check this site out with a hiden keyboard logger in a dell laptop, not good ! http://virus.org.ua/unix/keylog/klog.htm

But since you attracted a few naysayers I felt at least one person should post something of value

^seriously… (if you) ^don’t care > DON’T POST !

thkns for the suggestion AMX.

I know, its not 100% safe. Nothing is. I just want to dificult it a bit for those idiots. Most of them have almost no pc knowledgement anyway.

Some sugested to allow the autofire once for all, to make it fair to everybody. But there are many players, that like me, do play online only for trainning purposes, aiming the offline tournaments. For those people, an online tourney with autofire would be a goddamn wast of time.

shut up