Looking for a lagglessPS3 pad adapter for XBOX360


Hi every one,

I am looking for an adapter to play with my PS3 pad on my Xbox360, and I would like a complete lagless one, if it exists.

first I found the XCM cross fire:
But I was said it was laggy.

So the best adapter would be the Universal controller Adapter Converter Mayflash?

It sounds too good to really be the truth, because this one is supposed to be laggless and working for both Xbox360 and PS3, and working with ps3 and ps2 pad on Xbox…
And this, for only 15 dollars???

I can’t believe the Mayflash does better than the XCM being sold at 70 dollars!!!

Can you tell me accurately if the Mayflash has absolutely no lag at all? even slightly?

Or can any one advice me any other lagless adapter?



Like I told you in the other thread, Read the stickies in tech talk. Or try searching.