Looking for a laptop to play sf4 ae

I don’t really do a lot of pc gaming but I want to get a laptop that can play sf4 ae on it. I was wondering if you guys would recommend me some laptops so that I don’t end up buying and overpriced piece of junk. I am looking for something around 1500 but anything cheaper would be great to.

is there a reason why you need to go laptop?

I bought a Dell XPS 17" with the i7 processor and 3G Nvidia graphics card (555 i think) and it benchmarks at 160 fps. With coupons found online it came out to be just over $1200

[url=http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af150/The_FalconO6/LaptopGuide/Guide.png]Check this out.

Thanks alot for the help guys. In response to twinniss, I want to get a laptop so that I can play while I am on trips and things like that. I already have a ps3 and an xbox to play AE on when I am at home.

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That MSI cpu is awesome!

My brother has an ASUS g73, which is last generations powerhouse, but still it rocks an i7 (non-sandybridge), 8GB RAM, and an nvidia GTX 460M. It runs AE perfectly, and has no issues with TE sticks.

If you’re looking for this generation, the previously mentioned MSI laptop is quite the machine, but I’d prefer the ASUS G74, the upgrade from the 73. The MSI from before has similar specs though. The choice is up to you!

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lulz. That thing isn’t portable; it’s luggable. :wink:

@.@ it seems sad that these laptops are more powerful than my DESKTOP

if you’re still looking Toms Hardware usually post up laptop deals (such as this one) http://www.tomshardware.com/news/envy-3d-laptop-deal-sale,13230.html

just scroll down to laptop

though the falcon guide is a good way to go usually

and i can rep MSI GT660s, they’re nice and a subwoofer on a laptop is really good.

i think the current generation of AMD’s stuff, APU, is the way to go for laptops