Looking for a list of Ken's option selects

I’m very unfamiliar with using option selects in general apart from the crouch tech really so it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction to find out what Ken’s option selects are (if he has any) and any shoto option selects in general, and if there’s any special trick to using them. =D

The most useful is DED/meter confirm for sure, explained here: Why is Ken considered better than Ryu?

Most people only seem to use c.mk version, but I think stand fierce is good too.

Back in 2009, MOV taught one of my friends “the stamp”, which was a complicated OS for the reset after Chun’s SA2 but I didn’t get it back then so there’s no hope for me explaining it now.

Also SGGK is applicable with Ken, although not really that useful. I always did kara throw with mp. No range for the throw, but if you get the parry you get the easy mp, fp target combo.