Looking for a Mad Catz xbox360 ken fight pad

As the title reads im in search of a Mad Catz XBOX 360 Ken Fightpad, currently following one on ebay, but you know how ebay usually is -.-

I was told this is a good place to go to find out about them, so here i am.

Below are my details, any assistance in finding one would be great, i hear game exchange in the UK have loads, but i cant track one down.

I live in N.Ireland in the UK if thats any help, im also willing to play up to about 60 UK pounds.

So if you have any info on these controllers it would be great help, im dying to get my hands on one, and was stupid enough not to pre-order one.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i wish i lived next door to you i’d gladly sell my ken pad for 60 UK. dang :frowning:

i just sold one for 65 US…far cry from 60 UK haha.

Check your PMs