Looking for a main with these traits

Just starting out, I tried out most of them but not sure which one to focus on perfecting.

I want a jack-of-all-trades, average with no gaping weaknesses. Not obsolete at long-range.

-Weak/terrible super, balanced with great EX moves
-An escape or good backdash

So far I like Gouken (has fireballs, but also not too shabby close range).

Thanks for you time helping out a new player. Gl hf

Fei Long or Bison sounds like good picks.

i’m indecisive as well. I’m looking for a character that is formidable at poking, but uses it as a means to work my way in. this character deals a majority of his damage via mixups such as tricking the opponent or looking for a good opening for an at least decent reward, and I would really like it if the mixup wasn’t just the same 50/50. Hopefully this character can apply some sort of pressure at long range, even if it’s as simple as the threat to gain ground. A reliable escape option is also needed (a good backdash works). Having no gaping weakness would also be nice. Low health is ok.

thanks! gl hf kick ass

anybody? :confused:


I don’t even need to say anymore.



would evil ryu work too?

i’ll try out makoto.

Yeah evil ryu matches that too, i dont think his back dash is bad, as an escape option, he also has a teleport

I’m having trouble looking for a main also. I just picked up Ae a week ago. I been trying out most of the cast except for charge characters but cant seem to find one that fits me. I’m looking for a rush down character. I was thinking about Cammy but not sure if she would be good to start with out with. Any advice?

Cammy is definitely a rushdown character, as well as makoto. Juri can be played rushdown style, as well as abel, and rufus. Plenty of the characters have rushdown qualities but those i just named are just some that came to my mind first.


Evil Ryu is okay, But regular Ryu is better.

Okay cool but which rushdown character should I use. I just got SF Ae recently and I dont want to pick a really hard character to start with.

I read
"I want a man with these traits."

Clicked on topic to my disappointment :[

If you’re into “Easy” Rushdown, Try Rufus.

Dive Kick
Ultra is braindead to combo into
Arguably one of the best Ex moves in the game (EX Messiah)
Solid Pokes, Although nothing to scream about
Anti Fireball U2
Tournament Viable
Good Links
Solid Oki w/ Crossups
Super is garbage in comparison to EX moves (EX Snake Strike does hax damage)


Well i play makoto, and i can tell you that she is different. Not hard though, but you will need to learn all of her meaty setups. Her combos are pretty easy though.

Cammy is a bit tougher, in the combo department if you want to get the most damage out of her, but she does also have some simple combos that get the job done, i just recently picked her up.

Juri…i can’t tell you much about her lol but from what i’ve seen she’s got some simple damaging combos, and nice pokes.

Rufus…good lord rufus…i’ve never actually played him but i’ve played against some pretty good rufus players and they are merciless, you will not get a single available frame against a good rufus. Its especially bad against characters without a decent reversal like makoto. Maybe im just bad? but yeah he’s definitely a rushdown character.

Now im not sure what you’re looking for seeing as how ur a beginner, but i wouldnt recommend trying to play the “easiest” character. Just mess around with ppl, you’ll learn as you go. I think that all the characters i listed can be played by a beginner, dont expect to win at first though. It doesn’t matter who you play, unless you learn the basics of street fighter, anti airing, footsies, execution, you will get bodied.

Also a character i forgot to mention as a rushdown character is c. viper…she’s pretty hard though. If you want a glimpse at how these characters play at high-levels look up these guys: V-Ryu/Haitani(makoto), Alioune-sensei/sakonoko(cammy), juicebox/rico suave (abel), weirdoneo(juri), wolfkrone/latif(c. viper), oh also ibuki sakonoko plays a nice ibuki too.
Good luck.

Watching Rico Suave play Abel gave me Goosebumps, That was the most incredible playing I have ever seen. If I ever came across that guy I would quit the game in fear.

Yeah, i’ve never seen so much rape. He makes abel look like c.viper on roids

Okay thanks I’ll those characters a try. Thanks for helping.

I thought Fei Long and Bison were just close-range characters, do they even have long range attacks?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll look into Ryu. Can anyone tell me why Gouken is supposedly a low-tier character, what is he missing?