Looking for a MAS controller modder


I am not sure if this thread is supposed to be somewhere else but I simply did not see this type of request anywhere, so mods/admins - chaulk this one up as simply my not knowing any better. I thought it something for the Trading Outlet, but like I said… “I dunno”.

Y’know… given the fact that I am looking to shell out my hard-earned dough to someone for providing a service (albeit a simple one), I thought it more appropriate that a modder (I live in the Chicago/northern Indiana area - not that distance matters to me)come to me rather than I having to hunt a stranger down. In the business world - this is simply how we do it. So please forgive my new-age, millennium sense of etiqutte. I mean no disrespect, but this is a world where customer service prevails and I believe I am doing some honest modder, who is looking to sport their talents for side cash, the favor - not the other way around.

What I am looking for specifically, is an honest modder who can remove an exsisting, create, and professionally install a new lami-label/vinyl label, top decal for a full-size, single control, MAS SuperPro stick using the image I provide.

Yeah - not a difficult task but I do want it done right and I know there are modders out there who could do a way better job than I. Basically, I am looking to send my MAS controller to you and get it back without my having to worry over the details. YOU take care of all the other good stuff. YOU procure/create and install the decal from the provided image. YOU quote me a price. We can work out the details over I.M. or email. I am and have been an SRK member for years (close to ten) with a verfiable PayPal account that has in place for almost as long. I am hoping to find another SRK member/modder who can say the same. And NO - I will not “cheap out” for your efforts (I don’t want to have to sacrifice my left nut either). You tell me how much you think this task is worth.

Thanks and let’s do business, please.


I would help but I live no where near you and would try to avoid unnecessary shipping. If you live with in the Baltimore area rather than Chicago it be more feasible.

I would say look at this thread here

But after glancing over the thread I do not see anyone near your area.