Looking for a mentor in SFxT


honestly, I’m a newbie to the forum and the game so please dont flame me if I am posting this in the wrong place. I play on 360 and im looking for someone to teach me the ropes of SFxT. Im from NY, so Im mostly active on weekdays from 7pm to whenever EST. And on weekends im on whenever. Lol im on right now. So just pm me on here or on XBL (DuBiE x TG) if youre interested in helping me out. Appreciate it.


The game is mostly just basic SF fundamentals, nothing elusive that must be shown in a 1on1 session. Just post your questions and people will answer.


well mostly im just trying to learn a few bread and butter combos, and what is a good character to start learning.


personally I think the best way to get better at games, especially SFXT is to learn it yourself. best to pick your favorite characters or the characters that you feel strongly on and just see what they are strong on and what they are weak on (watching tutorial videos from you tube can be helpful, it help me get better with Jin). although Shoto’s (like Ryu and ken) and Kazama’s (Jin and Kazuya) I think are good characters to start off with.


Welcome to SRK. The Newbie Dojo is meant to be a place to ask questions/look for advice, not find players/teachers/mentors.

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