Looking for a mentor



im a ryu player that just started learnin akuma and i needed some major help on the guy and how to play him as im havin a hard time graspin his fundamentals. Anyone on XBL that could help me out and is decent/good with akuma would be really greatful!

XBl : Desi Monk


there isnt wrong or right
everybody play akuma in a different style somebody is very offensive somebody defensive (zoning)
it all depends how you want to play with him

somebody can teach you some tricks but you have to decide how you want to play akuma !


well i get my xbox back on the 2nd of sept so I’ll be able to help you out from then…


I’m not great by any means, but I will have you a few casuals on XBL and see what you think?


Hi I am a boxer and Rufus player and I have been using Akuma as a third option. Anybody wants to play a few mirrors and give me some tips please send me a fr.

IIII w00f IIII. I want to play Akuma differently depending on my opponent. I want to learn good offensive tactics . Also defensive ones




JR it is possible to take Caps Lock off, you know?




alright im bumpin this, i really need help with akuma and would greatly appreciate anyones time on LIVE to give me some pointers after playing me


GG’s the other day. You are on you way with Ryu just fine I’d say stick with him since you played Akuma like Ryu with an air fb. If you play with Akuma you’ll learn to play a little safer because of his low health but still I’d stick with your Ryu.


^thanks man, yea ive been wanting to keep ryu as a main but sometimes it gets boring playing with the same character lol, and akuma is very diverse and fun so i thought id put up a challenge for myself. im not ditching ryu anytime soon, i just want to learn akuma alongside him too :smiley:


Screw that, JR doesn’t even take caps lock of for Xbox Live messages.

I like his style :).