Looking for a modder I can pay

I am looking for someone to modify a razor Fight Stick additionally I would like to know if there’s a mod for Xbox one I am also told that I could place both the Dreamcast and PlayStation two cables within the modification are you able to do that? Would like a fightstick that can play on Dreamcast PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 360 PC and Xbox 1. Is that a possibility or can I get a stick that is close to that? If not can you direct me to the person who can and what parts I should buy I live in Miami Fl

There is a STICKIED thread that’s made EXACTLY for this reason:

I could be wrong, but I think @Gummo may be the only person offering dual- or triple-mod PS4/XBO/other mods.
Besides, what could you possibly be wanting to play on an arcade stick on a PS4 anyways right now?

Because of the amount of work involved I not doing PS4 or Xbox One work yet, and I would not do a triple or Quad mod at this time.