Looking for a Namco stick

Im will to buy or trade for a T.E. for ps3 or 360… Reason being I want a smaller case… please help me find my one true love!!

  1. You should post in the trading outlet
  2. You do not meet the requirements to trade or sell on SRK

Trading section. Get this crap out of here :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well Im never on this site, Im always on Tekkenzaibatsu.com, no disrespect to SRK…

wanna be helpful, post the the link… Im to noobish on this site…


I’ll bite, that 50 post rule is a bit daunting

You can see mine here:

I’d trade for a 360 TE, I’d need a confirmed ship before I even move it from my desk. PM me and might as well delete this thread too

i have ton of namco’s sticks if u want one pm me and we can trade for TE stick.