Looking for a new AV

  1. Storm
  2. Power-DN
  3. Looks cool

Thanks in advance!

Here you go:

I’m not a very good Avatar Maker; but I could make some decent good looking one’s
Hope You Like;
If not someone else will make you one.

HATE IT or LOVE IT! :clap:

Thanks Ricky. Could you change the font to something nicer?

Hate It.

uhhh…Tell me the font name you like.

Toan; Atleast I didn’t make him a BUSTED up IPOD AV…:rolleyes:

Dunno what specific font. Just find one that you think looks good.

Well, Since I didn’t save the other file… I had to make a new one.

So Here they go:


Tried to change my AV, but SRK said, “This is not a valid image file.”

Any idea why?

nice work, but you need to change it too a .gif file

Here they go…in .gif format

I know it say’s error, but all my AV’s are .jpg when it say’s error
just go to a forum and the new av is there.

NAS; Thanks

You should delete this thread now.