Looking for a new av


Aight, I’ve had fun with making all of you richard simmons (and my) bitches, but now it’s time for something a little different. I have no specifics in mind, except for some movement in the av…make it cool, think of the Beatles “Hey, Jude”. If you’ve never heard it, d/l. it.

Thanks guys :cool:


awww, come on guys!


post ur request on a request thread…damn come on now how hard is that shit


I’ll chalk up your unjust exasperated rudeness up to your newbieness.


Ill make it if no one does…IS there any pic u’d like?


No, you choose.


Yo, I really would appreciate it if you hooked me up with one too dude. I really take anything, but I would like ken ryu combination, preferably from Alpha 3, or 3rd strike. Thanx.


I’ll fix you up an avatar.:wink:


no. I have a right to help someone I know in person. Get some friends and stfu if you hate me that much. From what I have noticed, you are the only one who still argues about shit that only god knows about.


this isn’t a general av request thread.


Kairi Fag: Wow, you are using smileys! You are learning what’s called “Shut The Fuck Up”.

EDIT: Duhaas, check your PM:D


Not everyone has to do that. Please be more respectful, this is just as fine as posting in a request thread. Some people don’t have favorites.


oh shit :eek: u busting sum moves or what jonathan :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus maybe one a use a different style from other people. Like Tonbarry for example has his own style and it’s not hard to miss an avatar he made that someone is wearing. That’s one of the reasons I use a few different styles such as 3d, grunge, space (learning’ almost as good as RicePicker too), and then my old fashioned CLOUDY!


You do realize that no one likes you, and that the general impression we all have of you, is that you suck? If you didnt know by know, than your just a plain fool Special K.


Kairi Fag, you have spammed another thread ONCE Again. Congrats! What have you achieved or what was your reward? And before you start talking shit, let the people know what is going on cause, I sure as hell dont have a clue what you are arguing about and nor will I ever know since you were never taught to make sense. TG made a Beef Thread for a reason. Why dont you go there and talk to yourself about me why dont ya? Your lucky that I’m not an admin or anything cause I would have banned you a long time ago for spamming so many threads. Start this shit in the beef thread. If you wanted to argue with me, just post “Special K get to the Beef Thread, we need to argue”. And I WILL go ahead and argue with your dumb shit cause it makes me laugh. You realize no one likes me in IMM that is. alot of people hate me in IMM but, it’s not everyone so it cant be no one. BTW, if you think Special K is offending me, it isn’t. I think it’s funny and I like it more than my Henry K name.

TG: You should notice how many threads Kairi fag has spammed just to argue with me. If you are such a good Admin or Moderator, you should at least give him a warning. Otherwise, you should be replaced with someone better who can actually take care of this kind of stuff (not being mean or any shit like that).


If it was up too TG, you would have been IP banned along time ago. You are in violation. You were banned, upon one of the worst things you could to, which is steal work from another, and claim it as your own. THATS a high crime in these parts. You are going aginst the rules by creating multiple accounts (some of those names you even continued to steal). You wanna know what this is all about? You hurt the community. People like you who come and steal, attempting to look cool or something, and end up making the real artist not want to show their work because ass clown’s like you come in and desecrate our communities. You make me sick. I cant find it in myself to forgive you either. I’m GLAD you like Special K. Even if you didnt, it wouldnt alter my intensions of calling you that either. And how dare you call TigerGenocide out. He’s the man, and your not.


He gave one comment and some smileys before I posted. Nothing major, other people spammed in here too, I warned 4day about his attitude. After I posted, I left, I have a fucking life I don’t sit on the boards all damn day. You aren’t being mean? Fuck you. You message me on AIM talking shit and say you don’t like me, so I know you are attacking me. Why didn’t you talk shit to Rei? He didn’t say anything about it either.

Now, Kairi stop spamming up threads to get to that little shit. You know better.


No prob TG.


Ok, people FOCUS!!

Let’s get back to me and my av.

That’s what you need to be in here for. No extras.