Looking for a new character, need assistance


So I previously mained a shoto character, but due to him being one of the weakest, underappreciated characters in the game, and me not being able to make as good of use of him as I thought I could, I’m switching to a grappler. My main considerations are Zangief, Hakan, and T. Hawk. Are there any pros or cons I need to consider with the 3 when picking my new main?

P.S. Concerning Eventhubs, it lists no pros or cons for T. Hawk, so I’d prefer all the pros and cons specifically from the players here. They have better experiences with the characters, anyway.


Ok, you guys really need to stop posting things like this. Nobody can or will choose your character for you. Play them all, see who you like. Just because someone tells you a character can do A, B and C, doesn’t mean you can do that. Shoto characters are very easy to use and you can’t make use of that?


Can I do their basic shit? Sure. Can I use shotos to their full potential? No. At the high end, there’s much more to take into account that I realized. For me, grappling would scale best with me.


Also, you’re not going to be able to use anyone to their full potential without learning how they (and the rest of the cast) work. This takes time, a lot of time.


Also, read the gawd damn rules.