Looking for a new fighter to pick up - suggestions?


Hi all. I used to be quite an avid fighting game player, but due to life issues I’ve had to stop for a few years. I have a little bit of free time now, so I am thinking of picking up a fighter for a bit.

I do not have a PS4, an Xbox 360, nor a Wii U, neither will I buy any of those. So that limits my choices to what is available on the PC.

I’m looking for the following in a fighting game :

  1. Nice art (I know art is subjective)
  2. Good online competition


  1. Hot girls (I have to look at SOMETHING while playing the game, right? ^_^)

I was initially interested in Persona (because I like the Persona series) but I think it lacks 2) and isn’t on PC. I was also interested in KOF 14 but the character models are ugly.

I would then pick the granddaddy of fighting games - SFV! But I’ve heard that the PC port is downright horrible.


PC has extremely limited online scene outside of FIghtCade and that only supports older Arcade titles. Maybe dating sims are more up your alley…

Mortal Kombat XL Beta is free on Steam over the weekend, but I doubt you would be interested…


Do you have Windows 10? If so, then KI is right up your alley.


Good call, unfortunately Windows 10 is a complete deal breaker for any long time gaming enthusiast.


Unfortunately so… (´A`*)


Skullgirls has incredible netcode and lots of hot girls. Street Fighter 5 has the most competition and some capable, but flawed online play. It has hot girls too. MK XL can be played for free right now with the beta. It supposedly has good online play, but I haven’t played it because it’s MK.


Dive Kick.


Get Fightcade, and you are set.

But if you want something on Steam… there’s King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and 2002 Unlimited Match. Both have decent netcode, I’d argue 98UM’s is better off, and they offer plenty of good looking gals.

If you don’t mind playing older/out of date games, there’s also Blazblue Chrono Phantasmia Extend and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core+R and Xrd -Sign- on Steam. Both games offer the waifus.


Just so you know.


Mentioning MKX when he asked for hot girls. smh.


Just get SFV


Or even better.
Just play what you like OP.


He strikes me as the type that plays whatever has a highly active online base. What he likes don’t matter if a big player base isn’t already there.


Considering how long it takes for SFV to find a match is basically the same as not having a big online base the major part of the time.
Plus what is the point of playing something that you don’t enjoy.
If he likes SFV then by all means play that, but if he doesn’t really like it, but play it just because it has a lot of active players that is moronic, imo.


Absolutely, but mob mentality is real among casual gamers though, and it sucks.


Battle raper


Add Strip Fighter to that


Whoa, didn’t expect so many replies to the read. Apologies if it made anyone upset or was against TOS.

Looks like SF V is the best option but I think it kind of sucks for PC? May have to wait on that.

I have actually played Strip Fighter and Battle Raper. The girls are not that hot. Also, bad gameplay. Have played some dating sims, they are decent. I wouldn’t consider MK girls as hot either.

Mai Shiranui best girl. Next up, Angel! Unfortunately KOF 14 uses dated 3D models. :frowning:

I actually made that comment semi-facetiously but I seem to have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. I hope it gave you all some laughs at least!


Street Fighter V

  1. I think the art is pretty good in that game. Also the animations are top tier.
  2. Best online competition out of all Fighting Games. The other games usually die too quick. SFV will only start dying if there is a new SF game, which will probably take another 3-4 years. During that time, the player base will probably get even bigger.
  3. Girls are pretty hot. Compared to other Fighters, there is also some variety among them.

I have both the PC and PS4 version. I prefer the PS4 version but I also played on PC and it was fine most of the time. People say the netcode just isn’t as stable as on PS4.

I would recommend to wait until it’s on steam sale again


They have the exact same netcode though.