Looking for a new game


Looking for a new FG been playing sf4 for a while now but im getting bored i am looking for a FG with decent netcode and has an active community i have a good pc and xb360 any input apreciated thanks in advance


If you want decent netcode, an active community, and have a good PC, you might want to give Skullgirls Encore a try. For Steam. At the time of this posting it’s $5.00, so you don’t have much to lose. (If you want Big Band, it’s an additional $5)


Thanks for the reply i already have skullgirls on pc not really into marvel type games but i will try get into it because i reilise that i won’t find any other fighting games if im too picky :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, you could try Tekken Tag Tournament 2 if you like.

It has an active community, not as large on 360 as it is on PS3, but still has dedicated players. The game itself has tons of replay value and a very, very large roster of characters to learn how to use/defend against.

It is a 3D fighter and requires dedication and perseverance to get good at, but for people like myself, that’s part of the appeal.

Tekken 7 has been announced and will be released on PC as well as next gen consoles. So there’s that to look forward to as well.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


yatagarasu is like 3s. looks very promising and is really fun (well 4.3 is) AoC should be same with more toons. i like it a lot simple to learn hard to master


I was/kind of am in that same boat. I was playing nothing but USFIV and SF3S until I went out and bought five other fighting games used at GS to try out. If you can afford it maybe try doing that, that way you can try out a lot of them and you have a week to return them if you don’t like them. It seems like the bigger communities are for SFIV and TT2. What about Inustice, MK, BlazBlue or Guilty Gear? I’m fairly new to fighting games so I’m not sure what’s on PC.

Best of luck!


I advise, jump in on ps4/xbox one and go for KI or GG xrd