Looking for a new PS3 Controller


I’m aware of the Hori Fighting Commander: Buy Fighting Commander 3 (black) (PS3?) - Play-Asia.com

But I don’t like 6 face buttons and 2 Shoulders. I prefer the traditional PS-style with 4 Shoulders and 4 Face. I’ve gotten very used to it, and it’s perfect for Marvel. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Unfortunately most of the PS3 fight pads are going to be 6 face buttons, closes thing to what you are asking would be ether a older digital PS1 pad (non-analog, non-dual shock) with a USB adapter or a Clone SNES USB pad, but there is several manufacturers and getting a quality one is hit or miss.
Also if you use the SNES USB pad, they will be missing the L2 and R2 Buttons.


PSone pad with a crazy daisy chain of adapters?


I’m confused. Do you just want a replacement for your PS3 dualshock controller? Or are you wanting to try out new kinds of controllers?

Because if the dualshock works fine for you, then just buy another one. Otherwise, go with a fightpad style one - there aren’t too many options tbh.


It is what my first stick build was based off of (before I gave it away to a good friend).
I had a USB adapter (PC/PS3), a Dreamcast Adapter, a game cube adapter and a Xnox 360 adapter.


Yeah, I just need a better D-pad. It’s weird to see that there aren’t too many options for a PS-style controller. I love the Logitech controller for PC and thought maybe Logitech made one for PS3.


What do you guy’s think of this? http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-HORI-PAD-Turbo-Wireless-3/product-reviews/B000SKI8JC/ref=cm_cr_dp_all_summary?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

D-pad looks okay.


Logitech DOES make one for PS3.

Cordless Precision? Controller for PLAYSTATION®3

Ugly though.


Have you tried the Logitech controller on your PS3? The only thing that might go wrong is start and select may or may not work and there’s no home button.


USB Saturn pads generally have better D-pads than most 3rd party controllers.

Most pads that have wired-USB cords function with PS3… You just have to experiment and figure out how to configure the pads properly for fighting games. Generic USB pads aren’t button-configured for fighting games so it’s best to use Practice Mode and experiment there until you figure out which button setups are best for Light, Medium, Heavy, Special, Crossover Partner assignments.

I still think in general that six-button facepads are better. I don’t like dealing with shoulder buttons on fighting games… doesn’t feel natural and they’re harder to coordinate together for me.

As far as a PS-style pad that has a better D-pad than the standard Dual Shock, I really don’t know. Choices for decent D-pads on PS-clones are limited and I haven’t tried any to make a recommendation.

Pelican (PDP) and Logitech DO make PS3-style pads. One of the recent PDP pads was the TRON-licensed pad that has LED lighting. That’s $50, though. ($50 wired-USB, too. Weird and expensive for a PS3 wired pad. Most wired PS3 pads cost $30 or less.) There are other glowing/transparent pads that can be fought for substantially less than that – $30, I think. Can’t vouch for the D-pads on either but build quality should be fine on most pads as long as they aren’t Mad Catz pads.

You’re definitely going to be limited to wired USB pads. Wireless won’t sync with a PS3 unless they’re officially endorsed by Sony and have Sony licensed PCBs. A lot of the Sony PS-clone pads have dongles so they’re not exactly blue tooth, either.

I’d stick to wired USB pads since A) you’ll be dealing dongles and I don’t know if you like that wireless option; B) wired USB pads are generally compatible with PS3; and C) you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries or changing them. Most cords are at least 6’ to 10’ long anyway…

I agree with most people that Sony D-pads stink. It’s always been the bane of fighting game fans as far as Sony system’s are confirmed and in the past I preferred to use Sega pads for fighting games. Now that I’m a joystick modder and connoisseur, D-pads are my second option. Based on my past history and what I’ve been comfortable with, Sega Saturn pad layout is still my pad preference for fighting games.


Wired doesn’t bother me. I’ve had bad experience with USB Saturn pads. I bought one off Ebay and the D-pad snapped off in under a month. Plus as I said, I don’t like 6 face buttons and 2 shoulders.