Looking for a nice Zangief AV

Hello, hey can someone hook me up with a nice Zangief Av with animations, like doing the SPD or something? thanks in advance.



thats a nice one, but isnt somebody using it?

I’m laughing so hard at that av right now !!!

Lol, zangief needs to stop SPDing little kids, im calling the police on him, i want to get that one but, can some one confirm that no one is using it?? i dont want to steal no ones AV. thanks.

I definitely haven’t seen it around anywhere, I just found it on a random Ani-GIF site and had to snatch it up.

gonna be way to big to use also on the KB side :bluu:

I will see what i can do sir

I came up with this


ETHO if you dont want that first one let me know because I’d like to use it.

Are you talking about the one that zangief is laying an ambush to SPD the little kid??? you can take it, i already got a nice one.

thanks Mr. Muffin that avatar looks awesome, wraaarh Gief Power.