Looking for a Nor Cal Abel mainer to help me with the matchup (PSN, I play Gouken)



I have a friend I play with offline and he usually destroys me with his Abel. I need some extra practice to give me the edge.

He plays a rushdown style Abel so if that is your style that helps too. :rock:


been maining abel the last few months

add me: mrtrinh22


I realize this thread is old… You may have figured out the matchup a bit by now, but here’s my two cents:

I have a friend who I play regularly who is a pretty solid gouken. I used to beat him pretty easily, could pressure him all day for free. Then he started using counter effectively. Sure, it’s a little risky, but if it works, you get a knock down and a free way out of pressure that would otherwise end up as a hard knockdown for the abel, eventually.

If you can read patterns in pressure strings, and you don’t abuse it, counter can deter an abel from pressuring you constantly. For instance, jabs and shorts into step kicks are not even close to being true block strings. If you see jab, jab, and then expect a step kick, throw a high counter after the second jab. Also, if an abel likes to keep putting poke pressure after a blocked step kick (with shorts and jabs, or if they try to frame trap by going for st. f or something), you can counter that (shorts low, everything else high, of course.)

So in short, counter right before and right after step kicks can be effective. Like I said, it’s a little risky, as you have to predict when step kick / pokes are coming, and if you guess wrong and abel baits a counter out it’s a free combo, but it can definitely change the pace of the match if used well.


And try not to eat an ultra haha. Don’t be careless with the plasma.


I live in redwood city add me. PSN is WastedAmmo


I’ve been messing w/Abel on and off for awhile now. You can add me. DmanIzBack is the gt.