Looking for a Partner in Crime!

with SSF4 coming up soon, i’m looking for some fellow gief mains to practice with me once the game comes out

im trying to just get my game knowledge up there in preparation for tournaments at final round and wherever there will be some nearby me

what im lookin for is a guy (or girl if there are any…lol) to not actually just use gief, but more of a guy who can use other characters as to help familiarize the matchups

for example say ur a gief main but u alt cody, we can run gief me vs ur cody and then i can switch ti to say deejay vs ur gief and so on and so forth

i can help out with ur matchup problems as i nromally do ok with most characters

hopefully some of u guys can create a rapport with me and we can dominate the world of SSF4!

…well we can dream cant we?

oh yea…XBL only =(

GT is FrY Of FrEeDoM

Currently a gief main / honda alt

In Super i plan on maining makoto and alt dudley

Currently, (and probably in super) i also can play


While i may not be the best with them, i play a wide variety of characters, hit me up on XBL

GT: Typhon

i will add u sir

just hit me up on aim if u have one at zXzl2ToNlzXz i know its a gay lookin name lol what happens when ur a kid and u make an account…

anyways hit me up there to schedule some sparring as i am mobile on aim

so i am starting to start playing sf4 more again, hitting up online mode and practicing my combos and well lets just say i ddnt realize how much rust i had lol

id love to keep adding u guys on XBL and get some player matches in with whatever characters and just get used to the flow before super drops and then i can be at full speed for whatever practice sessions we may have for super to kinda get used to the new matchups and the new tools/characters

gt is in 1st post!

yooooooooooooooo, since you go to the final round arcade in miami,( which is where i use to go when i was down there) play with manny(hyperblast) or flash metroid on tuesdays at final round. flash metroid knows how to play with everyone and he’s cool as cool. also do you go to zp on fridays’ that’s where everyone is at on fridays and some saturday’s . Man, i miss it down there so much online gaming sucks

i will try to make it on tuesdays during the summer and no i dont go to zero ping and probably wont

why not zeroping is the perfect point. they have guilty gear, tvc, sf4, bb, st, hdr you name and they will probably have it there on fridays. I don’t know, if something went down but trust me man, there’s good people at zero ping on fridays… arturo good honda player, jc good akuma player, richelle good sagat player, hunter good abel player, i mean theres alot guys there and usually it’s like 20 people that show up. If, i was down in miami, i wouldn’t be wasting my time online but hey iam in brunswick ga… theres nothing here