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i’ve always kept spidey in my main lineup and i’ve also chosen (and I think I know how to use them fairly good, but there’s still a lot of room to improve) guile, jin, cable, capt. commando, juggernaut, rogue, jill, morrigan…

lately i’ve been using spiderman and rogue with a random 3rd character (like commando, guile or cable, but only for their assist and coz im familiar with them…) but iono which one would fit my style, coz i dont like to use cable and be cheap or a turtle…

oh, and this is also my 1st post…
i heard about this place on gamefaqs.com

… i thought there wasnt any forums dedicated to MVC2
im glad i found one… when i looked for videos of matches i ended up with only KOF videos… ne ways… any comments would help…



First off lose any ideas about ‘cheap’, otherwise you’ll never get to an even decent level. Seriously. Magneto has an infinite, Cable has an AHVBx3, if you wanna play crappy characters you gotta be willing to work much harder than your opponent to win the match.

That being said, I’d say your best bet for an assist is a good ground coverage character, Doom and Sentinel being obvious choices. If you’re good at getting past AAAs to get in, you might try Tron’s projectile assist 'cause of the massive damage. Spidey doesn’t really have practical high damage combos the way a lot of pixies do, and certainly no one-hit kill abilities a la Cable, Storm/Sent DHC, Magnus, Ironman, etc.

I’d be a little more flexible in your team dynamics, though, 'cause Spidey and Rogue don’t really complement each other. Neither will help Sent or Doom much, and they don’t work with each other. Also, the order is tricky because you have lots of meter production, but if you put someone like Sent or Doom who can use that meter 2nd, you strand whoever’s at 3rd, unless you can DHC out safely, and I don’t really know if there’s useful combos in that line.

Click on ‘view threads from the beginning’ instead of last 30 days for more advice, if you didn’t know.


to kanedito

i use spidey with jugss and capcom…and to jalbert,i have combos twith spidey that i think is fair enough…i’ll post some…

spidey with juggs(even w/o power up)

cr.lp+juggs assist-b, lp, hp, maximium spider
this combo would take 60 percent damage w/o the power up…

spidey with capcom

cr.lp, lp ,s.hk+capcom assist-b ,maximum spider(holp up)
aerial rave…
launch+capcom assist, magic, spider web(lp), holp d/f then hp throw…

hope that helps…:slight_smile:


I play as Parker and I’m actually pretty good with him. One thing you need to know is how he has INSANE air throw priority meaning he’ll be able to trade with the likes of Magneto and Storm.

I’m lazy and I don’t feel like posting strats right now but I’m going to go ahead and dimiss Jalbert’s notion that he doesn’t have practical high damage combos. He actually does…his 3 supers can all be comboed off of normals and specials. But you have to get it down for any of them to connect. I mostly use his B&B as my main offense.


Maximum Spider can be connected off a fp. spider sting as can his Ultimate Web Throw and his Crawler Assault can be linked off a s. rh (cancellation of the s. rh needs to be fast).

In the corner, you can link more normals before the spider sting to combo MS and UWT…

Good (not great) rushdown pattern is s. jab, s. short, s. rh XX jab web ball (even if blocked, it’s good to keep them in stun). If you hit with the web ball, dash in because a lot of the time, people will be trying to mash out of it (it last .5 seconds) plus the initial thing an opposing player will do is resume attacking again, meaning an opening for you to hit. The premise is more psychological.

That’s all for now. Hope it helps.


Spidey is as sneaky as can be and a reason is because everyone underestimates him.

I recommend Spidey AAA/Doom AAA/Storm proj as a start team.

The thing is is to practice wave dashing and air dash cancelling.

Believe me Spidey takes alot of work but it’s worth it in the end to know that u can hold your own. U can pick at a opponent and use lp webball attacks to annoy them, just be careful.

It’s hard to explain how exactly to play with any charc, in truth the best way is through experiance and perserverince.

I’ ve posted some combos and other strats somewhere here so you’ll have to use the search engine. Other than that I’ll do my best to try to answer u and anyone else’s questions.



i’ve always kept spidey in my main lineup and i’ve also chosen (and I think I know how to use them fairly good, but there’s still a lot of room to improve) guile, jin, cable, capt. commando, juggernaut, rogue, jill, morrigan…

Dont listen to these people above, spiderman has too many disadvantages and not enough ways to cover his weaknesses. He can be somewhat of a confuser but gets killed easilly against a good zoning keep-away team like spiral/Doom/Cyclops. I see a common theme in alot of your characters, if i were you the only one i would keep playing would be Capt. Commando. If you have to keep spider-man though i would recomend
Spider-man/Capt. Commando AA/ Doom AA
this will at least give you a fighting chance at taking o0n some of tyhe stronger traps that spider-man falls into. You will be able to zone with commandos AA Which will teach you how to set people up into which should consist of being backed up alot withs doom rocks to help juggle against stronger characters.


i know what disadvantages spiderman has but he was the 1st character i chose when i first started playing the game…

ive gotten very good with the guy and win a lot when we are playing for fun but i know that hes no match for a magneto or a sentinel but still… even they have a weakness…

maybe just a few tips on how to approach a sentinel would help :smiley:


i know what disadvantages spiderman has but he was the 1st character i chose when i first started playing the game…

ive gotten very good with the guy and win a lot when we are playing for fun but i know that hes no match for a magneto or a sentinel but still… even they have a weakness…

maybe just a few tips on how to approach a sentinel would help

Ok man if really want to use somebody who can get chipped to death in like ten seconds thats your choice but, The truth is that spiderman in this game is one dimensional at best. If you really want a good team then you need to to overcompetsate spiders weaknesses by giving him really good assists. When it comes down to it in this game you cant be worried about wether spiderman by himself can take on sentinal and mags, that stuff will either show up in how much you practice or it wont. All im saying is that spiderman doesnt really work well with others in that all he does is combo people to death. The only advantage youll really be able to keep with spider-man is by making people think you are worse then you are with him which can easilly bait people for a trap if you have two other dominant characters. Why every spider-man player doesnt just switch to strider, i dont know good luck


Words of someone who knows nothing of what he speaks…


lmao i know… for somebody who talks a lot he really didnt say much :lol:

jk :stuck_out_tongue: but recently my spidey has been destroyed… its like i only have 2 other characters coz i cant do anything with him anymore… its like everybody i play already knows what to expect from me… and that didnt happen at all here, coz he was my main character and ppl actually got to hate my spiderman coz i played ok i guess… now im only left with rogue and morrigan/cable/capcom/guile/jin…


Actually i do know what i am talking about since i fight spidermans all the time. Spiderman is weak on his own against any respectable team. Hey man if you dont want to hear it then dont but if you fight really good teams spiderman is one of the easiest characters to zone and trap, its been proven.
You cant just superjump to airdash through Good traps.


I’ve been playing as Parker a lot lately and I can say that although he’s not the best character…he can still throw it down. I’ve been playing the game for about 3 years (going on 4) so I’ve got a good bit of knowledge on the game even though I’m not close to competing with top players.

Anyway, the only thing I would change about your style of play are the team dynamics. Parker is going to need some good assists to help him out (like any character in the game). Yeah, Parker can get pretty dull and repetitive but so can a lot of the characters in that game.

Rules I go by when playing Parker:

For the most part, his value as a point far exceeds his value as an assist. Not to take away from his assists since they’re all balanced out, meaning that none are useless. However, you’ll appreciate him more as a point character.

Don’t throw out Maximum Spiders like a scrub. I do sometimes, but that’s a habit I should kick. The best thing about MS is that you can sort of pull it out radomly and there will be a good chance of it hitting. I actually like it better than Cammy’s KBA because it isn’t as particular. Play around with an opponent’s head a little bit…switch from offense to defense and let them come after you in the air. I’ve caught a flying Sent after throwing out a wiffed RP. I tend to pull MS when my opponent is off screen (above or below me) and I just rely on sound. If I hear them pull off a normal with lag when wiffed (i.e. a RP off screen of me), I punish with an MS.

But there are better ways to utilize MS…such as in combos minus assists (s. rh XX fp spider sting XX MS). You just have to look for openings and it isn’t as hard as you’d think. UWT can also be comboed off a fp spider sting in and away from the corner. Essentially, all 3 of his supers can be comboed into and it’s not hard to pull it them off.

The jab web ball is pretty nice too especially when you’re rushing down with Parker. With Sent-A, I do s. short x2, call Sent, s. rh, jab web ball. I use that to keep the pressure on them (them=a friend of mine) and if you keep it up, you can keep them in block stun doing it. Now assume it connects, do fp web ball as Sent is hitting them (it doesn’t work on all characters), then XX in MS or UWT as soon as fp web ball nabs them. You can sub the web ball with a dash and launch since Parker’s s. rh acts as a launcher when connecting on an airborne opponent.

The b&b combo, which is his AC ending with jab web ball/fp. throw is nice, but a lot of people are conditioned to tech hit so mix it up a little. End the AC with a short web swing or instead of throwing after a web ball, hit them with a fierce on the way down since they might begin to attack as soon as they bust out. Play psychology with them…you’d be surpised how people get caught off guard by the simplest things in the game (Zaza’s Ryu repeatedly fp throwing Team Viscant).

But I think the most important you need to do is study the game engine a lot (I haven’t mastered it and don’t intend on it either), but it’ll help you realize what and what not to do in any given situation. Practice throwing, rolling, tech-hitting, push blocking, meter management, etc. When you get a decent understanding of the game, your Spiderman will probably get better as will other characters. Play smart and know the game engine…and use psychology if and when you have to. I might not be a top player but I’m decent at the game regardless of what people say. I’ll be willing to bet that the guys you play against will end up falling for the little things. Good luck…

Oh and I’ve been playing as Parker-Y/Sent-A/XX (still working on a 3rd character)


I used to use spiderman before dropping him for Jin. I still use him for fun, but mostly against the cpu at home/or at the arcades but not against good human players.

Old spidey team(s): Spidey proj/Doom aaa/Capcom AAA
Spidey proj/Doom aaa/Jill heal or dash
Spidey proj/Guile proj or aaa/Doom aaa/Blackheart aaa
And Spidey proj/Doom aaa/Cable proj.

The last team mentioned is Mad cheese. You can really hide spidey between Doom’s Rocks and Cable’s Ahvbx3 if you like playing that way. Suprisingly, spidey actually builds meter pretty fast so he should be played first. He takes hits poorly so if he’s ever getting rushed it’s better to just let him die rather than tagging out unsafely, then loosing your good assists partners i.e. Doom/Cable or any of the god like assists that help him out a lot.