Looking for a picture exsample og gameongrafix.coms work

I am looking to see what a finished product from gameongrafix looks like for a Mad Catz TE stick. My concern is is it like the Plexy where it sticks above the stick or dose it stay flush with the stick More or Less im just want to see a picture of some ones stick that had there art printed and done at gameongrafix

Not a TE, but:


gameongrafix.com material is just gorgeous. Print quality is unreal, it’s sturdy, and it feels great. Worth every penny.

Its hard to tell but dose it have a Protective layer on it?

@NRX that looks amazing…

You might say the material itself is a protective layer. It’s incredibly sturdy. Apparently they use ballistic plastic or something, no paper is involved. Your art is printed directly on the material.

So far as I’ve seen, no noticeable damage or wear.

Oh no… don’t get another idea that involves spending money in my head! Really want to try this but really don’t want to! Argh!

So anyway, do they cut the holes for you or do you have to do it yourself? I don’t think I can cut a good turbo panel for the TE if I did this.

@roxtc Yeah they can cut the holes if you provide the layer overlay in a seperate file.

Now that this thread’s been made, anyone know how flexible this material is? Soft enough to put on an SE?

Back when they were MAME Marquees, they did not cut.
If I am comprehending this sentence correctly, then they do cut now?

Read as you will.

Flexible, yes.

You can use water to put the art on.
They tell you that on their website.

If they cut the holes, I may be sold. Art’s plexi is great for people who constantly want to change their art but I go for more classic stuff that I believe I’ll like looking at for a long time. I kind of miss the feel of the TE when it had orignal art and it was perfectly level with the bezel.

WHOA, what?! They cut holes now? I had no idea. I wish I had known when I sent my Sanwa VS. Seimitsu art! The material is difficult to cut manually, and I made a few mistakes.

That’s great news.

So are you guys reading that sentence the same way I am?

I believe so!

cool thx for the Example i actually found a couple more for anyone else that was curious on how the art looks when you go through Game On Grafix

Destructoid - s0lesurviv0r’s Community Blog

i cant see any mistakes on it. thats a sick ass stick btw everytime i stumble across it on the forum i still get mesmerized

It looks like they cut holes if you have vector information, but I wouldn’t recommend that. You’d have to apply the vinyl 100% perfect on your first attempt.

It’s much easier to get it 99.5% perfect and then simply cut the holes with an x-acto after it’s stuck on. That’s the easiest part - it cuts like butter.

Also I think they apply the bulletproof protective layer on top of the inkjet image, so yeah, nothing beats it.

But you can do a water application.

Can you splain to me please? Thanks

They give you the option to get it without an Adhesive

it’s hard ,i cant find a picture like that

Not sure you were still interested, but here are a couple of shots of my TE stick with the Gameongrafix art installed. It fits exactly like the original art, so there is no flush problem as with the plexi’s. The pictures don’t do the print justice, the quality is fantastic. I am about to order another as soon as they reopen early Jan.