Looking for a piece that ps4 could recognize

Hi there!

I’ve been looking for information about a component to wire in a pcb, that ps4 could recognize as a controller.

My idea is to create only a joystick for the ps4, with different components, if we were talking about a pc it should be "easy ", but I can’t understand what ps4 needs to recognize an USB device as a controller.

I want to avoid hackpads and Brooke fighting boards or things like this, I’m looking for electronic components, just jamming!

Thanks a lot!

Not really sure what your ask is. Sounds like you have an idea to build your own PS4-compatible controller from the ground up, using basic components?

Hate to break it to you, but there’s at least one component you will not be able to get off the shelves, and that’s the chip that contains the encryption. Only Sony has that, and licenses it out to official 3rd-party controller manufacturers; unofficial/unlicensed companies like Brook have an “imitation”, which is why it can often get patched out by Sony during firmware updates.

that’s the answer that I was looking about and I hadn’t been able to find!

Thanks a lot dude!
And keep going, do you know if there is a way to use a chip that could emulate this compatibility?
I mean something that you can use a library

Some people have managed to get some working only with the 8-minute timeout, after which the PS4 realizes it’s not a real chip/code and disables the controller; like some firmware versions of the Cerberus or the PS360+. Works in a pinch, but not a good solution in the long-term.

As far as I know, the only people who have reliably gotten a not-official chip/code working on a PS4 is Brook. It’s VERY unlikely that you’ll be able to easily/readily find a chip/code that’ll work; Brook spent a lot of time/resources to get to what they currently have for their PS4-compatible boards.

Really interesting thought, I’m so impressed with all the information that you told me, it’s a very important piece for my research!

Thanks a lot dude