Looking for a practical way to play consoles on a laptop

I’d like to use my laptop to display console gaming. NOT looking for any info on emulators or any of that nonsense.

From what i’ve read thusfar, people are saying tv tuner cards are going to have noticeable lag, but I figured you guys are the ones to ask as i’m sure someone else has found a way to do it.

Any info would be appreciated.

Use a VGA cable.

I’ve never seen a laptop with a VGA input port.

I use a Gamebridge like this one,


Has definite lag even though it says it does not. Timing based games like fighters and Guitar Hero suffer. Works great for RPGs and the like. You can also use it to watch TV and record shows or games, so thats a plus. I bought it when it was going for $40 and I used it to transfer some old video tapes to DVD, so I got my moneys worth.

The Gamebridge is the only device I know of that does what you are looking for since laptops have video outputs, not inputs.

I know I wouldn’t be happy with 480i resolution.

You’re going to need to find a card that allows you to capture video through a vga port.

Then you need to find a vga cable for your consoles.

That’s probably the best option you’re gonna have.