Looking for a pre-soldered PCB for Ps2


Basically, my custom stick doesn’t work. It autofire the start button and mix all the button maps and whatever so I thought I would ask if anyone sell pre-wired/soldered PCBs for the Playstation 2?

I have no idea how this works so I rather just buy one which I can easily just connect to my buttons and stick if that is possible?

I live in Norway but I’ll pay for all the shipping and whatever that might come up.

Here’s a picture of the stick if you need to see:




Just to help you with the terminalogy, you are requesting a hacked ps2 pad. It’s not that hard. You may want to hack on yourself.



Though, I am really horrible with these things. Could you perhaps point me towards a tutorial or something explaining what I am supposed to do?


I am typing this from my cell phone so I can not directly link you, but if you go to the Tech Talk forum here on SRK, you will see a stickied thread called The Essential Joystick thread or something to that effect. There you will find a list of tutorials. One will be a pad hacking thread. Read up how to do it there. Also, slagcoin.com has a ton of information as well as pictures of many pcb’s and where to solder on them. All you are doing really is wiring each button directly from the pcb to the button and wiring one extra line for ground. I actually did this myself last weekend for the very first time ever. If I can do it, anyone can really.


I see, well that sounds great.

Thanks a lot sir, I’ll take a look at it.

Though, the thread stands still. I don’t mind paying someone to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


are u located in norway. b/c i have ps2 pcb hack with qd’s already. but u live in europe and shipping isnt going to be cheap. so let me know.

im selling mines for 30 dollars without shipping. thanks



Yes I am located in Norway but that doesn’t matter. I’ll pay the shipping for it.

Though, can you just give me a rundown on how I install it? And may I have a photo of what I am actually buying :D? I basically don’t know what I am after I just heard that I need this PCB for my stick.



will send the pic soon to u. thanks all u have to do is put the quick discounts into sanwa buttons metal pins.


Basically he’d be selling you everything you need. The only problem might be if his PCB doesn’t come with a wiring harness. In that case you may have some troubles because you’d have to desolder the QDs (which are intended for non wire harness joysticks) and solder on the wiring harness. Or if you happen to have a non wiring harness joystick (the kind that has the plugs coming out from all 4 sides then you could swap that in and it’d be a snap.

But yeah, if you don’t have that option I would suggest just doing it yourself unless meus could put a wiring harness on it for you (or maybe it already has one and he just forgot to say).


I see, thanks for that info.

I’ll take a look at the picture you’ll send me then (where exactly are you sending this?:o) and see if it will work on my setup.


i have soldered the wires to the pcb with CG too. i will also be give the op strip ternaminals to connect with wire harness


Well that sounds great.

Though, could I have a picture before I actually give you the money? I want to see what I buy. :o

Edit: Would also like to thank for everyone who takes care of me here :smiley: Really wasn’t expecting that.

Thanks everyone.


Sorry to bump this but I’ve tried to get a hold of Meus but I can’t reach him so if there is anyone else who sell these then I appreciate it.