Looking for a PS2 stick on a budget

So after figuring that I don’t want to mess with my PS3 TE stick in order to play TvC and Melty Blood using a Cthulu MC and not content with buying a Wii stick, I’ve decided on buying a PS2 and deal with converters and such. My question is, is there any suitable PS2 stick being sold right now? So far, my only option is to buy a Tekken 5 Ultimate Collectors stick, which I see on ebay a few times going for about $10-ish (not for very long though). All HRAP2s seems to be gone, and I’m too retarded to attempt to build a stick. Is there another ideal stick that’s still being sold right now that would be easy to mod? I was kind of hoping something along the lines of a HRAP2 with quick disconnects like the Arcana Heart stick so modding with Seimitsu parts will be easier, but at this point I’m pretty open to anything…under $75 dollars, since a little more than that and I could just buy the Madcatz TvC stick. Along with that, could you guys maybe state how easy it would be to mod for someone who has NO modding experience besides opening up a PS3 TE stick to put a plexi on?

I do apologize if these questions have been asked to death and not spending more time using the search options to find what I’m looking for, but…I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

if you are that picky then you arent going to find anything for under $75 except through the random luck anyone gets of finding something expensive for cheap somewhere out of the way

i dont think hori arcana is qd, its solder like most hori branded ones

You are correct hacksparrow.

Hmm, so I guess I’m being pretty unrealistic? Well, could you list the ones that are available regardless of price then so I can see what I’ll need to do?

Your best bet is a Tekken 5 stick, strogg is finishing mine now. Hope it works great

http://sdtekken.com/tech-area/arcade-sticks/ every stick you could want to use or imagine

Yeah, but of those sticks which ones are actually being sold anymore? Most HRAP besides 3 are nowhere to be seen.

Thanks though, now I can google for deals for some of the sticks I didn’t know existed. I’m liking that Sega Virtua Stick.

I had no ‘modding’ experience either but I did a ton of research to build my custom.
I know you’re looking for a PS2 stick and wanna deal with converters but GoGamer has the TvC stick for $10 less.