Looking for a room mate/Looking for people to room with for EVO2K11

Hi everyone! I just thought I’d start a thread for people either looking for a room mate or a room to stay in for evo 2011.

Every year there’s always a thread asking for this. But It was never really organized. So, I thought I’d take care of this and make it as easy as possible for everyone to get this done.

My 2nd post will be for people who have rooms but are looking for room mates. Please put down the following information so I can add you to the list

Hotel: (I know not everyone is going to stay at the rio)
How much: (how much do you want to charge/split up the room)
How many: (how many people you’re looking for)
Smoking/Non-Smoking/No Pref:

My 3rd post will be for people who have no room, and are looking for a room to stay in.

How many: (is it just you or you +1)
Smoking/Non-Smoking/No Pref:

Let me know if I need to add/edit anything. I’ll try to update at least once a day. Remember, I do have a life outside of SRK.com

Hope to see you all there!

Looking for roommates

Looking for rooms

Add, Are you opposed to surprised sex?

Seriously though, maybe Smoking/Non smoking.

lol, suprise butt sex!

edited for both parties.