Looking for a Room (with friends)

Hey, kids. It seems like even though I’m I represent the (obviously very small) Street Fighter/Burning Man crossover demographic, I might be able to make it to some or all of Evo this year.

I’m looking to join up with a room of people. If you don’t know me, you can ignore this post. There are just enough people out there that I know that it seemed easier to blast the world than contact them each individually. Drop me a line.


Hi, I dont know you but I posted because i need some people for my room. I’ve been to evo a few times I always try to keep a really friendly environment.


  • KKL

wowowow its crowbait. way too long homie. i hope someone can hook you up. been way too long. i would but my room is way too full =( if anything happens ill let you know