Looking for a roommate in the SoCal Area!

Ok I know this is out of play of a thread but I thought I should post here in the Pacific South Matchmaking area since this is generally SoCal territory (and wouldn’t really make since to post it in the General Disscussion forum as well).

Although the actual room won’t be open until around November, I’m searching out folks now for a roommate so I can get to know whoever is gonna be my roommate for awhile as well. Here’s a quick description of the place:

-2 bedroom/2 bathroom
-laundry facility
-gated parking (only one parking spot though; we can take turns parking on the street lol)
-Close to the 101, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Starbucks, other food establishments
-roommate’s room has pretty big closet and decent space

The rent is $1450 so I’m asking for half of that every month from you ($725), and we can either go half on utilities/bills or set it up so we pay certain ones (you pay eletricity, I pay cable/internet, etc.). I will keep you posted about when my sister will be actually moving out and if I would need you to sign another lease with me as well.

And yes, I like to play fighting games as well…I don’t play them that much as I use to but I still play from time to time and go to FFA occasionally on the weekends as well, so it would be nice to have a roommate that likes to play but likes to go out too (there life not revolved around games basically lol.)

So if your interested, give me a holla on here and I’ll give you my phone number so we can discuss more about it. Thanks!:woot:

I don’t live in California. =\

post of the century.

does your avatar say G mommy?

Not sure if this is still up for grabs, but I sent a pm. Holla back!