Looking for a roommate that plays SSF4 or ST in OC area


What’s going on you guys? About me: I’m 26 and just moved back down here from the northwest after getting out of the military. I’m really easy going, and I"m looking to have 3 people (myself included) that are fighting game enthusiasts at least, and hopefully play SSF4 or ST to share a home. One other person is spoken for, so I’m just looking for one more person. I’ve got a bit of time and patience to make this happen, and I’d love to meet whoever is interested to play some street fighter and discuss things further.

Looking for someone in their 20’s/30’s. I don’t usually bring the party home, but would entertain that as long as everyone is cool with it (same with fighting game gatherings). I’d love to have other people over to practice regularly too, and you need to be okay with that. Looking for someone clean that doesn’t leave messes behind for others to clean. The apartment/house would be fully furnished except for your room. Month to month is totally fine as long as you give me 31 days notice before taking off. Aiming for the rent to be 500-750 range. I’d need a few things from you like proof of a job or some form of steady income.I’m fine with you having guests stay over as long as its in your space/room and if needs to be in a common area we can discuss that too. Small pet that can stay in your room is fine with an additional security deposit just in case. I don’t smoke tobacco inside of the home and ask that you dont either. Feel free to store as much beer in the fridge as you want though :slight_smile:

Location: Not set in stone, but preferably in the Irvine/Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach/Newport/Garden Grove vicinity.

When: Around November 1st would be move in time, more details to follow shortly.

-> PM me if you are interested and we can discuss this further. Looking forward to hearing from you.